What is Brown Dog Vintage?

Welcome to Brown Dog Vintage.

This is my little happy place. I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while. I love decorating, shiplap, subway tile, farmhouses, and staying on a budget.

In a nutshell – this is a home decorating and DIY blog with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in.

Why did I choose the name “Brown Dog Vintage”? A few years ago, I decided to join a neighbor (who has since become one of my favorite people on the planet) in attempting our hand at having a booth in a vintage store. We were brainstorming ideas for a name for our booth and came up with Brown Dog Vintage – well, pretty much she came up with it and I said I loved it. It doesn’t hurt that I also happen to be a mom to a vintage brown dog named Charlie. Best. Dog. Ever.

We did the booth for a while, but eventually decided we just didn’t have the time to keep going. When I decided to start this blog, I asked her opinion on a name and her response was “think of what you love”. I love my brown dog of course and I love vintage. So there you go – I had a name!

Why the need to start a blog? I work part-time in a completely and totally unrelated field to decorating, but this is what really makes me happy. I am constantly changing things and I love to paint. Some people describe it as “I just can’t leave things alone” or “I always need to be busy”. Maybe those are true, but this is the thing I have never tired of. I remember rearranging furniture during the summer with my sister. We didn’t grow up in a house with a decorating budget. However, that didn’t stop us from changing the rooms while my mom was at work. I discovered I loved the farmhouse style, loved seeing beautiful photos on Instagram, and realized that you can make beautiful spaces without spending a ton of money. A blog seemed like the perfect outlet to make a “diary” for our house.

Why “vintage”? I love old things and old furniture – it speaks to me and half the time I promise I can hear it “begging” me to take it home and give it new life. Not really – I don’t really hear things – but I do enjoy giving old things new life. I would love nothing more than to live in an amazing old farmhouse with tons of character. But I don’t. I live in a house that was built in 2012. In a neighborhood (best neighborhood ever!). I don’t have trees for tree swings and I don’t have acres of rolling pastures to enjoy. I would love to have all that. But I don’t. And you know what?  It’s ok. This house, right here, right now is what works for us. And this is my way of making this house – our house, the best that it can be for our family.

What is this blog about?  Decorating, furniture makeovers, budget shopping, farmhouse style and dreams, with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in.  And who knows what else might show up??

Do I know what I’m doing? No – that’s the simple answer. The better answer is no, but I’m learning. I am not afraid to learn new things, figure out how to do something within our means, and make things pretty the best that I can. I love a challenge of finding something for a good deal, and I’m a very sentimental person. If it has meaning and makes me happy then it stays – I don’t keep things that aren’t functional or don’t make me happy. I also don’t follow many decorating rules.  I believe if you love it and it works for your family – that’s all that matters. If you love llamas and everyone else is loving cows, choose llamas. Choose what makes your heart smile.  Heart smiles are good for the soul.

Am I nervous to do this? The answer is a deafening and booming yes. I am not tech savvy, I don’t know how to take pictures the right way, I am definitely not a writer, and I’m scared of failing. Who isn’t? But – I have two amazing little people who I want to show that you should just “jump in and do it” if you want to. Who cares if you aren’t perfect?  I think everyone worries they won’t be good at something. The first time I painted a piece of furniture I was terrible. I had brush strokes everywhere and clearly needed more practice. But I stuck with it. And I love it. This blog is the same as the first piece of furniture I painted. I will make mistakes, things won’t be perfect, I’ll criticize myself too much, but again – it’s ok. I’m jumping in. I’m doing it.

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