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Vintage Cheese Boxes

Vintage Cheese Boxes

I was out junk shopping the other day and found these incredible old cheese boxes.  They are similar to the cardboard Velveeta containers that you see now except they are wood.  From what I found online, apparently these were used in the 1930’s and 40’s (but feel free to tell me if anyone knows otherwise).

 One I snagged has Mel O Bit Pimento on the side from The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (aka the A&P), and the other has Kraft Brick.  Both have old rusty metal plates on the front,  homemade pulls and the fronts are painted – I’m assuming someone used them as drawers to store random things.  One says Gasket Cutt and I can’t quite make out the other one.  Seems like it was used for the type of nail they attached to the front?

Vintage Cheese Boxes
Perfect Storage Containers
So what do you do with old cheese boxes?

First I cleaned them good – these boxes were pretty gross.  No way I ‘d eat any cheese that came from those.  I set them on the wash stand and then had an a-ha moment.  You see,  I am finally the owner of a letter board – I’ve been eyeing these for months.  There are several versions I’ve seen on Instagram and I love them all.  My husband ordered a 12×18 from LetterLoveGoods (he found it on Etsy) to surprise me for my birthday.  So now I have a cool board and a pile of letters.  It was meant to be – The board has a home on the washstand and the letters are stored in the cheese boxes.  Perfect!  Easily accessible plus all that vintage goodness from the boxes.  And these oldies were only $4.95 each!

Vintage Cheese Boxes
Now if I can just not lose them!
Vintage Cheese Boxes
Can you tell which milestone birthday I just had??

Now if I can just come up with some witty phrases every day to add to my new board!

This is one of my favorite things about vintage shopping – giving old things new life.  Of course, they may be dusty at first, but don’t be afraid to dig past that and uncover something new!

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