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Spring Living Room Refresh (for only $20!!)

This morning I came downstairs and the sun was streaming in the living room onto a bare mantel.  I had fresh flowers for a few weeks and since they died (as all fresh flowers have the nerve to do), I was missing the pops of color.  It just felt boring and cold, and since we had a few warm days recently – my mind is tricked into thinking it’s spring time.  So I decided a little refresh was in order.

See what I mean? Not enough going on up there.

The only dilemma:  I don’t have a lot of time or money to play with.  So lately, my projects are cheap and easy.  I feel like it’s kinda hard to find decent looking fake flower stems without spending a ton.  Hobby Lobby to the rescue.  The floral stems are 50% off right now (score!) so I grabbed a few very inexpensive pretties.  I’m not much of a pink person, but today I was feeling it.

Not too shabby for imitations!
Now what to put them in:

I have an assortment of mason jars, vases, and random things you can use for vases (for instance, even an old salad dressing carafe that looks amazing as a vase).    On a recent thrifting outing, I came across a white crock type thingy for a whopping $1.   Clearly it came home with me.  Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy expensive vases or containers – shop your house, use old paint cans, clean labels off spaghetti jars…use whatever you have on hand.  

Maybe one of these guys was actually intended to be a vase

I also happen to be the proud owner of two bags of rocks from the Dollar Tree that I picked up just knowing they would come in handy at some point.

Step one:  Pour bag of rocks into vase

Step two:  Put flowers into said vases/crocks/pasta sauce jars or whatever

Step three:  Arrange flowers very carefully and place them on your new spring mantel.  Stand back and admire the prettiness.  Wait 6 hours after your significant other gets home to hear that he didn’t even notice “those things”.  This is what it’s like when you are married to a caveman.  An amazing caveman, but still a caveman.

Hello Spring!

Eventually this wall is getting a major facelift.   I’m finally caving to the TV over the mantel idea.  However, it comes with the promise that the new TV comes with the installation of shiplap (insert happy dance here!)

And just like that, spring is on my mantel – simple, cheap, and quick.   The leftover stems are the perfect addition to my copper mugs that are sitting on the wash stand.

Do you spy a little piggy in the background??

Of course, the caveman was oblivious to those too –

Caveman:  “All I know is I can’t see the letter board as good.”

Me:  “You don’t notice the new flowers in the copper mugs?”

Caveman:  “Oh, yeah, now I see them.”

Wow caveman, just wow.

However, this is no shocker.   I don’t get offended that he doesn’t notice things like I do.  For instance –  never in a million years will he come downstairs and think to himself, “wow, that mantel looks kinda dull in here.  Maybe I’ll run out to Hobby Lobby and find some fake flower stems”.

But this is what I like about easy fixes.  Not everything has to be earth shattering and drastic.  This morning, my mantel was bumming me out and this evening, my mantel makes me smile.  And all for very little money and very little time.

Bring it on Spring!

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