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Lego Storage Solutions

Lego Storage Solutions!!

Semi DIY solution for how to store legos and lego setsLegos are amazing!  Lego storage can be not so amazing.  I have a 9-year-old son that’s been in love with Legos since he was tiny.  And I love them too.  They are fascinating and timeless toys that continue to amaze me with how detailed and creative they are.  The only dilemma for me with Legos is where the heck do I put them once they’re built???  And where do I keep all the extra little pieces??  We had this issue for years.  But I got it.  We fixed that problem and I’ll show you how to store Legos.  For very little money and time, we created an industrial style storage solution for those massive Lego sets.  And I’ll show you the best storage solution I’ve found over the years!

For a while we were using the standard five shelf bookcases that we have in the playroom.  However, as my son grows, so do the Lego sets.  Thousands of pieces, countless mini figures, not to mention the instruction manuals.  Some kids build it, take it apart and create something new.  Not here – no sir.  My sweet boy likes to keep them all built and on display.  And he actually plays with them – well some of them.  So I’m ok with that.  After searching for a large shelf, I came up with solutions that were way out of my budget.  It just isn’t feasible to drop hundreds or thousands on Lego storage.  And  I happen to love the vintage/industrial vibes it adds to the space!

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Here’s what we used:

lego storage solution using industrial garage shelving unit
click the pic for more details


This thing is huge and sturdy!  And it often goes on sale for less than $60!!!  Right now it’s around $55, but even at the regular price of $70 – that’s a steal for the amount of storage it offers.  48″ wide, 24″ deep, and 72″ high!  Quite a lot of Legos can fit on this thing my friend.

The DIY Part

When it arrived, I was a little less in love with the color of the boards that are the shelves.  However, nothing a little stain can’t fix.  I used my favorite Minwax stain – click here for details!

I stained the tops and bottoms of each shelf using an old t-shirt.  Word to the wise.  The shelves are particle board and not silky smooth.  It wasn’t the most fun staining project, but I love the outcome.  Let it air out for a few days before putting into the house – stain is smelly stuff and no one wants to breathe that smell all night.  Once it’s aired out, it’s a two person job to put it together, but simple.  If possible, build the frame in the room it’s going in – it’s massive!  Add your newly finished shelves and wallah!  Instant Lego storage!

And here’s what we ended up with:

Semi DIY for how to store legos industrial shelving


Lego storage for days!   Along with whatever else he puts there – his collection of Hess Trucks have made it there too.  I love it and so does my son.   It does take up a lot of real estate in the room, but we are willing to sacrifice the space to gain the storage.  I happen to like the industrial look and I know it’s not for everyone, but for this price, I just couldn’t beat it!

Lego Manual Storage Box

And now for the manuals.  This came in handy when my son was smaller, but now he doesn’t really build the older and smaller sets.  He prefers to creatively free build most of the time unless he has a new set.  However, this was a game changer for us.  We had random manuals all over and never could find one when we would sit down to build together.  I had enough one day and made a handy box with labels.  All you need is a file sized storage box and some hanging folders.  I organize them by Lego set types – Lego City, Star Wars, Lego Chima, and on and on.

Here’s everything you need to DIY your own (click the pics for details)!  

Lego manual storage file folder box

lego manual file folders - organizing

And that’s it! Lego storage and manual storage – Done! One less thing to organize.

Storing Lego Pieces

We’ve had this Toy Storage Organizer for years and it’s perfect for those loose Lego pieces!  (click the link or the pic for details)

cut the clutter organize the toys with bins

Toy storage organizer for loose legos

However, this doesn’t solve the issue of stepping on a random Lego in the middle of the night in the dark. If there are Legos your house, I’m sure this has happened to you to. And wow. The sheer pain from that tiny little plastic building brick. Sadly, no DIY fix for that!

Do you have any creative toy storage solutions? I’d love to see them if so!

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