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Guest Bathroom Update

Small Changes – Big Impact

We have a small guest bathroom downstairs that, like our master bathroom was a sea of brown/beige.  It has a small vanity, toilet, and a tiled shower.  In four years, no one has ever used that shower.  Every year, my husband says how it’ll be so convenient to come in from the garage after working outside, and use that super “convenient” shower.  I’m telling you – it’s not gonna happen.  I’m contemplatinge framing it in for a storage area.

Anyway – this room needed a facelift.  There are no windows near and it felt like a tiny little cave.  A toilet cave.  So we updated the walls with the same color as the trim and doors (Sherwin Williams Panda White), and I painted the dark vanity.  Initially, I went with a color that I thought would be grayish, but turned out to be more of a sage green.  And I hated every second of it.  It didn’t lighten the area at all.  So I repainted it Panda White.  We bought a new light fixture from Lowes and took down the huge rectangle mirror and replaced it with an oval one I got from a vintage store.  This step was a little time consuming because when we removed the mirror, there was some damage to the sheetrock that had to be patched before painting.

Guest Bathroom
My love of silver trays on the walls continues in here!


Now that the basics were done, I could do a little fun decorating.   Thrifty decorating skills definitely come in handy.

I added a shelf from Hobby Lobby (one of those unpainted/unstained ones and stained it using Minwax Provincial stain).  I found a $3 wire bin in the dollar spot at Target and added it to the shelf.  The frames are $4 frames from Walmart.  One of the pics is from Goodwill, one is a huge old tree at my Grandma’s place, and the other is an amazing photo my husband’s cousin snapped while on vacation.  The deer pic is a gift from my BFF, white bottles I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and the cutting board was hand made by my husband’s uncle.  A little unconventional to add a cutting board to a bathroom, but again – do what works for you and what you like.  That’s the fun part of decorating your house – it doesn’t have to conform to what other people want.  And the cotton stems are from a  coworker whose parents own a cotton gin.

And of course, in a guest bathroom,  you need something to hold toilet paper.  I spotted this guy at Goodwill one day.  A quick coat of dark walnut stain, and boom – perfect size for holding tp!  I have no idea what it’s intended purpose was originally, but I love it.

And that’s it – A few changes that made a huge impact in the guest bathroom.

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