Thrifty Craigslist Shopping

Remember that time you found the perfect thing on Craigslist and you just had to grab it or you knew someone else would get to it first?

I do.  We were in our first year in our new house and didn’t have a whole lot of furniture or decor.  Or money – that was the biggest problem.  Our yard didn’t come with a money tree so I had to do a lot of searching and a lot of painting.

We had a room right at the front of the house that we knew we would use for a home office/den.  I was scouring Craigslist and I saw a set of tall bookcases, a desk, and a file cabinet that looked like a small dresser.  It wasn’t my absolute favorite, but it was perfectly functional for what we needed.  And it was a steal.  $140 for all of it.  The kicker was that in order to get it, I had to agree to come get it the very next morning.  No big deal right? Except it was.  The next morning was Thanksgiving and we were cooking the turkey to take to my Grandma’s house – an hour away.

In comes the part where I show it to my ever so patient significant other.  “Sure, that’ll work” was his response.  Then comes the part where I ask him to kindly go hook up the trailer so we can get there first thing in the morning.  On Turkey Day.  I don’t remember his exact response, but I’m sure most can guess.  So off we go on Turkey Day morning across town to get the stuff.

Here’s the best part – while we were there loading up, I saw two IKEA Expedit shelves and casually commented to Roy (he’s my husband –  no part of his name is Roy, but that’s what I call him) that we should get some of those for our kids’ playroom.  The lady heard me say it and said “if you’ll just take them now and get them out of my way, you can have them”.  She didn’t have to tell me twice.  The loading part took twice as long, but what a steal.  We have since changed the whole look of the office, but those IKEA shelves are still going strong in the playroom – For free!

Naturally, I couldn’t find a decent before pic of our office.  So please excuse the blurry crazy kids, and the mess, but I figured some picture is better than none.

 Even though they weren’t my faves, we used it and it worked for quite a while.  I ended up being able to sell the pieces separately and have enough cash to redo the room.  Totally worth the Turkey Day adventures.

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