About Me

Hi!  I’m Melissa – the girl behind “Brown Dog Vintage”.   I love pretty much all things vintage, especially milk glass and silver and I haven’t met many junk/thrift stores that I don’t love.   I have an amazing and talented husband that puts up with my constant desire to change/improve things, I am a mom to a 9 year old boy and a 6 year old girl as well as a super cool 22 year old stepson – And of course, mom to my fabulous 11 year old “brown dog” Charlie.  That’s me with my grandma above – I have admired and looked up to her for nearly 40 years.  I’m pretty sure my desire to be thrifty and still enjoy beautiful things comes from her.

Oh, and I have zero patience.  I’m working on this one.  Creating this blog has been a true test of my patience (or lack thereof).  It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time and a huge learning curve.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Meet the dog behind the name:

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