11 Budget Friendly Modern Farmhouse Curtains

11 Budget Friendly Modern Farmhouse Curtains

  budget friendly choices for modern farmhouse curtainsCurtains are tough to pick sometimes because they’re semi-permanent (not many people change their curtains monthly) and they can be costly.  Unless of course, you have the elusive money tree, and again, please tell me your address if so.  However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to pull your room together with curtains – Follow along to see what I came up with for 11 budget friendly modern farmhouse curtains.

  Because of the direction our house faces, I prefer neutral, light, and airy curtains.  And I’m ok with being pretty plain jane on this front.  I don’t want to cover my windows.  We get tons of sun in the morning, but then until about 4pm, the sun is around the side of the house.  I need all the natural light I can get and I’m not about to block it with curtains.  If I had sunlight blazing in all day, I might change my tune.

When I first started looking for curtains, I was pretty bummed to discover I couldn’t afford much.  So I did some searching.  My heart was set on some beautiful linen panels I found, but then when I added it up, I needed about $600 worth of panels.  Ummm, not happening.  I’d love to, but no.  I ended up with some pretty darn good alternatives from various places.

I needed 108″ length panels for our downstairs.   So I searched and found these online at JCPenney of all places.  I rarely think to look here for whatever reason, but they have some amazing deals on home stuff!  I ordered the ivory for our office and linen color for our dining room.  They are light and airy and I love them – if you’re going for light blocking, these aren’t it.  They filter the light and I never close them but we also have blinds so it works.

The living room ended up with white sheers from Amazon.  I ordered the beige and they are more white than beige in person.  We only get sun in the morning in the living room so I definitely didn’t want any light blocking here.  They are also extremely affordable at less than $20 per panel.

Anyway, enough background – here’s what I came up with on my search for amazing but affordable curtains:

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Marseilles Distressed Curtain Paneltarget curtain panelNate Berkus Sheers

target nate berkus sheers

 Belgian Sheer Window Panel

Belgian Sheer Curtains

Curtainworks Trinity Crinkle Voile Curtain Panel

Curtains, Target,
These are available in 144″ length!

H.Versailtex Room Darkening Insulated Textured Panel

curtains amazon

 Lark Manor Rivau Curtain Panel

Lark Rivau Curtain Panel

Charlton Home Bridget Single Curtain Panel

charlton home wayfair curtain panel

Marley Semi Sheer Curtain

curtains  Sun Zero Energy Efficient Curtain Panel

Curtains amazon

Blackout Thermal Curtain Panels (set of 2!)

Had to throw in one with some color!

Room Darkening Thermal Curtains (set of 2!)

amazon curtains  Tips for Hanging Curtains
  • Make sure the rod you buy is sturdy enough.  If you are hanging curtains over a double window, more than likely you need a rod that has two brackets on either end plus a center bracket to stabilize it.  Nobody wants saggy curtains with a sad little rod drooping down in the middle.
  • Add a few inches to the width.  Measure the width of your windows and then add several inches on either side.  So if your window is 120 inches, buy a rod that will extend to at least  126 inches or more.
  • Hang curtains high and wide.  If you hang them about 8-12 inches above the window frame and extend about 6 inches on either side of the width of the frame, it gives the appearance of larger windows.
  • Buy them long enough.  Make sure you buy them long enough to account for hanging them above the window frame.  A few inches pooled on the floor at the bottom is good –  high-water curtains – not so much.  However, if you find the perfect curtains and they are just a tad too short, you can always hang them with curtain clips – this will give you a few more inches to work with.
  • Dropcloths make beautiful curtains!  Check this one out – 9×12 for less than $20 bucks!  If you have a small window, you can cut this in half, buy some curtain clips and done!  I made some one time for our living room and loved them, but beware.  I took them down to wash and they frayed terribly where I cut them and they shrunk – I should’ve done a little more research before washing.
  • And here’s a little handy tip – if your rod is long enough, but still wants to droop a little in the middle when it’s extended, you can push a toothpick into each end where it joins together.  This will give it a little extra support from the weight of the curtains.

There are tons of curtain choices for every budget and it really does instantly change the look of a room.

And between you and me, I’m secretly hoping to replace my bedroom curtains very soon.  We are starting on a master bedroom update (you can see more of my plans here) and hopefully I’ll have enough dough left over after shiplap and lighting!  Don’t tell my husband though!

UPDATE – The bedroom is done!!  Check out what we did including SHIPLAP!

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