10 Affordable Farmhouse Style Lights

10 Affordable Farmhouse Style Lights

I have a thing for lighting.  It seems every time I go antiquing, thrifting, or on Pinterest, I’m drawn to the chandeliers.  Especially affordable farmhouse style chandeliers.  And since my breakfast area chandelier has turned out to be kind of a fire hazard, I’m definitely looking.  

Even my 9 year old son rolls his eyes when I come home announcing I’ve found the perfect chandelier.  Lucky for me, my hubs did electrical work in the past, but I managed to find one that he couldn’t work his magic on.  Heartbreaker because I scored it for $30 at an antique store.  We even took it to a lighting shop and had one of the arms professionally repaired, but no go.  It continues to short out bulbs and clearly, there is something going on which could lead to a fire hazard.  I don’t care how cheap it is, it’s not worth a fire hazard.

vintage chandelier
RIP little gorgeous chandy

Which brings me to my current dilemma.  I need a light with at least 5 bulbs, but it can’t be too big.  It’s going over our breakfast table which is only 42 inches in diameter.  If you’re curious, the general rule is find one that is 12 inches smaller than the table – so for my 42″ table, I need to stick with around a 30″ chandelier.  However, I don’t like general rules.  For this space, we have always had one smaller than 30″ and I like it that way.  The smaller ones look just fine here, and the biggest criteria is it has to be affordable.    That’s the thing with decorating rules – go with what works for you.

 Me and the hubs agreed that we should just buy new this time instead of pushing the old wire luck again.  During my search, I’ve rounded up 10 affordable farmhouse style lights.

So here we go!

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I would personally take any one of these!  Maybe I can decide on one soon.  That seems to be the hardest part!  And who knows, I may still come across that perfect vintage chandelier.  You know, the one that’s not an electrical nightmare.

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