$8 DIY Wooden Bead Garland


diy wooden bead garland

If you’re a fan of Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen some amazing wooden bead garland that is popping up all over.  I’ve seen them for months and almost bought some once, but my cheapness got the best of me.  So what do you do when you can’t buy it?  You DIY your own for about 8 bucks!

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Antique Chiffarobe Makeover with Old Barn Milk Paint

old barn milk paint furniture makeover

Recently, I came across an antique chiffarobe online and I knew it had amazing potential.   It was quite a steal, but also needed a lot of work. However, it had good bones, the original hardware, and even the key!  When my husband brought it home, I fell in love instantly.  Old furniture just screams “buy me, paint me, give me a new home”.  Well, at least that’s what I hear in my head.

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Master Bedroom Update On a Budget – Part One, The Plan

master bedroom makeover

Have you ever wanted to update a room but can’t find the money tree?  Ummm, all the time!  Here’s my idea:  I want to redo our master bedroom and give it some farmhouse style.  Here’s the problem with said idea:  My budget for this amazing redo that I have planned is tiny.   So, I’m treating this as a challenge.  Funds are tight, but I’m determined to make over this room.  I think it’s possible to change up your whole look for not much money –   Come see my plans for our master bedroom makeover on a budget! Continue reading “Master Bedroom Update On a Budget – Part One, The Plan”

DIY Wooden Crate

DIY wood crate

I busted out my inner handyman this week.  If you don’t know me, I’ll fill you in on something – I’m not the handyman around here.  That title belongs to my hubs.  If you want something measured correctly or cut properly, you will want to ask him.  However, not today my friends.  Not today.  I had some time, we needed (ok, I wanted) a new storage solution for the coffee table, so why not make it myself?   Four hours later, I had a DIY wooden crate.  Yes, four hours.  Clearly, I’m not that swift at wood working.  However, it worked, I have a new crate, and it was all 100% free from stuff we had in our garage.

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10 Affordable Farmhouse Style Lights

I have a thing for lighting.  It seems every time I go antiquing, thrifting, or on Pinterest, I’m drawn to the chandeliers.  Especially affordable farmhouse style chandeliers.  And since my breakfast area chandelier has turned out to be kind of a fire hazard, I’m definitely looking.   Continue reading “10 Affordable Farmhouse Style Lights”